May 29, 2017 - Kreios’ life

Changes, renovations, improvements… and more!

We have had a couple of nice changes here at Kreios during the last 12 months that not only made us more efficient in answering our clients’ needs but also ease our lives even more.

  • A newly renovated building with a large and welcoming office space and a cozy kitchen area where we will soon have a table football for our relaxing moments!
  • New team members that joined Kreios and who brought their expertise!
  • New technologies (we are geeks, it’s in our DNA to be fond of innovations)
  • New clients with fascinating and challenging projects that stimulate our intellectual curiosity!

And now… a new website!!! This blog section is designed for you! The articles provided by our experts will focus on technologies, technical challenges, does and don’ts,….Feel free to comment and ask questions!

Also have a look at our facebook, twitter, and Instagram (@kreioslife) accounts where you can follow Kreios’ everyday life and events to come.

Coming soon: Rahul will explain you everything about what it means to run Oracle Express inside a Docker for Windows container. Stay tuned!!!

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